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Jun 18, 2024 (Tue)
7:00-9:00pm CDT
Test Fee:
8801 E 66th St, Raytown, MO 64133, USA
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W5YI Licensing Services
Slots available:
no limit set
Notes from the team:


  • You are ready to test when you are scoring 85% or above on any of the on-line tests.

  • This is an in-person test offered in Raytown, MO.

  • COVID-19 Rules: We have dropped any specific COVID-19 rules. If you are feeling ill please let us know so we can protect ourselves.

  • The FCC requires a good e-mail address.

  • Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

  • Verify that your Name is EXACTLY how you want it on your License.

  • OR

  • Verify that your Name and Address are EXACTLY how they currently are on your License.

  • ADA access is by the ramp at the front door. Others, please use the rear door.

  • Pre-Registration is greatly preferred.

  • Registration for this session will walk you through obtaining an FRN (FCC Registration Number), if needed.

  • Questions: w0fen@arrl.net

  • Double Check to ensure EVERYTHING is CORRECT on this registration! This is what goes to the FCC.

  • To Learn more about the Raytown Amateur Radio Club navigate to: http://k0gq.com/