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Private Scouts Only Event

Oct 11, 2023 (Wed)
6:30-9:30pm CDT
Test Fee:
465 Avenue B, Westwego, LA 70094
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Jefferson Amateur Radio Club
Slots available:
1 / 10 slots claimed
Notes from the team:

Bring your fully charged Laptop, iPad or Tablet with an 8-inch or larger screen with a browser app installed. Smartphones are not recommended due to their smaller screen size. Pre-registration is required at https://hamstudy.org/sessions/jefferson/inperson/.

FCC $35 Amateur Radio Application Fees became effective on April 19, 2022 affecting new, renewals and vanity call sign operator licenses. For more information on these fees, exam testing requirements, and registering to obtain a FCC Federal Registration Number (FRN) when you do not have any Amateur Radio or Commercial operator license on file with the FCC, you must click on this link https://w5gad.org/vec-testing/ for complete details on this and other exam testing requirements.