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All Risk Training Center

Mar 02, 2023 (Thu)
6:30-8:30pm PST
TRICITYACS: Tricityacs
Test Fee:
11285 Jersey Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, USA
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W5YI Licensing Services
Notes from the team:


PLEASE EMAIL n6dp.acs@gmail.com for Registration Link via EventBrite.

All Risk Training Center is adjacent to RCFD Station 174, cross-street, Milliken.

Things to bring with you:

  • o Pen - for filling out license application
  • o Pencil and eraser - to take the test
  • o FRN - Please bring your FRN number. If you already have a license you will find your FRN on the license. If you are not licensed you would have applied for your FRN on the FCC ULS web site. Please bring the FRN number with you.
  • o FCC License - If you currently have a FCC license (Technician or General) please bring a copy of it that you can leave with us. (Those that will be taking the Tech Test in advance of the General Test will not have a license to bring). Remember that you must have successfully have completed the Tech to test for the General.
  • o Scratch Paper - Is allowed it must be blank when you are provided your test. You may begin working on it when instructed to start the test.
  • o Calculator - Calculators are allowed. Devices that can reach outside the classroom or calculators that are programmable are not allowed (examples of devices not allowed to be used as calculators - cell phones and tablets [not kept flat on the table], laptops or programmable calculators)
  • o Identification - You will need two forms of ID. One of them must be a photo ID the other could be a credit card, membership card or even a library card.
  • o $10 - Please bring $10 to cover the license processing fee. Exact change would be appreciated.